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Over half a century of cryogenics experience

Located in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, we manufacture custom-designed pressure vessels and vaporisers for cryogenic substances and LNG. Cryovat was founded over 50 years ago and acquired in 1996 by the Van Rootselaar brothers.

Our company presented a great opportunity to them: after taking office in their father’s business, Tankbouw Rootselaar, in 1988, they felt it was time to broaden their product portfolio. By adding cryogenics to the foam insulated pressure vessels already manufactured by ‘Tankbouw’, they managed to do just that.

Rootselaar Group

The acquisition marked the founding of Rootselaar Group. Nowadays, the Group consists of not 2 but 6 companies, all active in the gas and oil industry. Being part of a larger organisation offers both synergy and continuity. For instance, we work closely with Tankbouw Rootselaar and Kooiman Apparatenbouw to exchange expertise and add services. And while we design and manufacture pressure vessels, we can easily involve Hadetec to produce complete systems.

As a result, we offer comprehensive services and exceedingly high quality.

International outlook

As the name suggests, Cryovat International has a profoundly international outlook. It shows in our collaboration with sister company Cryotech Asia. It also shows in the many certifications we have obtained over the years. We design and manufacture according to any code you require and thus deliver cryogenic vessels and vaporisers anywhere in the world.

Family business culture

But while serving worldwide clients, we are still a family-owned business with corresponding company culture. We are personally involved in every project, quick to respond to customer requests, and set a high bar in terms of product innovation and quality. Moreover, we empower our engineers to take on a wide variety of tasks, enabling them to hone their skills as well-rounded experts in cryogenic engineering. By harnessing over half a century of experience in this way, we offer you a full range of cryogenics and LNG.

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