Advanced modelling and numerous certifications

Cryovat International has been in business for over 50 years; Rootselaar Group draws on more than 65 years of experience. In other words, we are seasoned engineers and quick to translate your requests into well-designed, rigorously tested and internationally certified tanks and vaporisers. We have our own engineering department, but we also tap into specific expertise elsewhere available within Rootselaar Group.

Each project is assigned 1 project manager. He is responsible for all stages of the project and will keep you apprised of the progress.

Design calculations and 3D drafting

Once you have stated your specifications, we will perform the design calculations for our tanks. These are made with commonly available software, such as PV Elite, Dimy and Rules. In addition, we use programs developed in-house to make calculations for our vaporisers. With the input of our 3D CAD design software, we perform finite element analyses.

When the calculations are made, we use 3D design modelling to optimise the design, quality and safety of our tanks, thus minimising the need for re-work. We also use these models in our communication with you, as they provide a clear overview of the details of your cryogenics equipment.  
Incidentally, the drafts can be implemented in other 3D programs or used in presentations or technical publications.

Wide range of international certifications

In cryogenics, safety is paramount. Therefore, we extensively test and inspect our cryogenics equipment, both during and after the manufacturing phase. For instance, we x-ray the weld seams of the vessel and conduct pressure tests.

Since we hold numerous international certifications, we can have your vessel or vaporiser certified according to virtually any certificate or design code you require. Among these are EN 13445, PD 5500 and ASME. Transportation-specific certifications include UN T75 and TPED. Our maritime tanks comply with IGC, IGF, and other regulations.

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Founded 50 years ago, Cryovat International was acquired by the Van Rootselaar brothers in 1996. Read how our addition to Rootselaar Group enables us to offer you comprehensive products and services.

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