Cryogenic storage tanks

For industrial gases, LNG and hydrogen

Cryogenics is used to efficiently store gases. Liquefied, they take up less room than in their gaseous state, enabling you to store larger quantities of natural gas, industrial gas and hydrogen.

We offer cryogenic storage tanks for a range of products

Liquid industrial gases

First of all, our tanks are suitable for industrial gases like LIN, LOX, LAR, and many others. We also cater to the storage of LCO2., either vacuum insulated in double-walled vessels or foam insulated in single-walled tanks. The latter are designed and manufactured by Tankbouw Rootselaar.

Liquid natural gas

Secondly, we design and manufacture LNG fuel tanks. LNG has lower NOX and CO2  emissions than natural gas. Therefore, we have seen a rise in the use of LNG as a marine fuel and expect greater environmental benefits in the next decennia. Our LNG fuel tanks can also be used for LNG terminals and truck filling stations.

Liquid hydrogen

Lastly, we are closely involved in all new developments regarding the storage of LH2. We offer our expertise in the design and manufacturing of LH2 tanks.

Technical details

We base the design of our cryogenic storage tanks on standard products or previous designs. This enables us to provide optimal efficiency while building on proven quality.  

Some technical details about our cryogenic pressure vessels:

  • Capacity: customised. We have supplied up to 1.000.000 litres but have no fixed upper limit
  • Dimensions: up to 7 metres in diameter
  • Type: vertical and horizontal, both onshore and offshore
  • Customized: from low to high pressure, according to customer specifications/requirements
  • Insulation: perlite with vacuum or multi-layer with vacuum for smaller tanks, resulting in low NER
  • Support type: on legs, on skirt or saddle – customised 
  • 100% of the weld seams on the inner vessel are x-rayed 
  • Piping is minimised to reduce potential leaks and maintenance costs
  • Seamless interconnecting pipes
  • The safety system is standard equipped with dual relief valves
  • Vacuum-accessible ports are designed to prevent unauthorised access

All tanks are equipped with vaporisers.

Design codes and certifications

We are well-versed in all mandatory codes and regulations. For instance, our products can be PED and ISO certified, comply with ASME codes and hold CE markings. In addition, we can design according to any specific certification. Contact us for more information, or read about our qualifications.

Complete packages 

In collaboration with engineering firm Hadetec, we deliver complete storage packages. A fellow member of Rootselaar Group, Hadetec custom-designs these packages according to the design codes, regulations and approvals of your choice. These systems include measurement and control options.

More information

Would you like to learn more about our cryogenic storage tanks or liquid storage packages? We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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