Cryogenic transport tanks

For transportation by rail, road and sea

Cryogenic fluids are gases that have been cooled down to become liquefied. This is mainly done for efficiency reasons: liquefied, the gases take up less room, enabling optimised transport.

Liquified gases, called cryogenic fluids, can be more safely transported than their gaseous counterparts. We engineer and manufacture customised cryogenic transport tanks for:

  • Air gases (including LIN, LOX and LAR)
  • LCO2 and LN2O
  • Flammables (including LH2, LNG, LC2H4 and LC2H6)

Technical details

Our cryogenic UN T75 transport tanks are ISO certified for all natural, industrial and flammable gases. All vessel designs are based on standard products or proven designs and are subsequently tailored to meet your requirements.

One thing they have in common, though: they are renowned for their large volume and low tare weight, rendering them highly efficient for the transport of liquefied gases.

Some technical details about our cryogenic transport vessels:

  • Use: for transportation by rail, road or sea 
  • Capacity: customised. We have manufactured tanks up to 54,000 litres but have no upper limit
  • ISO dimensions: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet, and a swap model  
  • Type: UN T75
  • Pressure rate: customised, we have delivered up to 35 barg 
  • Insulation: multi-layer/super insulation with vacuum
  • Frame type: beam with or without gooseneck
  • Seamless interconnecting pipes
  • Extra durability due to an air suspension system and special design supports
  • Upon request, the outer vessel can be made of stainless steel to minimise corrosion

All tanks are equipped with vaporisers.

Design codes and certifications

Our UN T75 tanks comply with ADR, IMDG and other regulations. Furthermore, we can design according to virtually any code you require.

Would you like to learn more about the codes and certifications we hold? Read more about our engineering expertise, or contact us for more information. 

Special transport equipment

To supplement the vessels, we can provide additional attributes, including bottle filling facilities and high-pressure reciprocating pumps, to name a few options. We manufacture these ourselves or work with engineering firm and fellow Rootselaar Group member Hadetec.

For information about foam insulated transport tanks, we refer to Tankbouw Rootselaar.

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