Custom-engineered according to your specs

To withdraw cryogenic fluids from their tanks, they must be re-gasified first. This is done by using a vaporiser. We design and manufacture two types of evaporators. We also manufacture pressure build-up vaporisers, which are integral to any cryogenic tank. 

Ambient air vaporisers

Our first vaporiser uses the difference between the ambient temperature and the (extreme) cold inside the tank to convert fluids into their gaseous state.

Tailored to meet your demands

These ambient air vaporisers can be delivered for many gases, including LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2,  LHE, LH2, LNG and LNE. 
All equipment is tailored to meet your demands, including dimensions, ambient conditions and other parameters. For instance, we once delivered a vaporiser with an evaporation capacity of 3,200 Nm3/hour. And while we maintain a standard design pressure of 40 psi, we have also designed for higher pressures, adapting the choice of the material and extensively testing the vaporiser before commissioning. 

Water bath vaporisers

Our second evaporator is the water bath vaporiser. This equipment uses a heat exchanger and a water bath, the latter of atmospheric or pressure tank type.

The coil-type heat exchanger has an inlet and outlet header. For low-pressure designs, we can incorporate a pressure swing reducer.


We use a cylindrical or square vaporiser depending on the amount of evaporation required. The energy source is adapted to your process. We can produce for the use of (process) water or oil, but steam is also an option. Upon request, we also manufacture tailor-made, ready-for-operation manifolds for steam or warm water control, which fit directly into the water bath vaporiser. In addition, we can add options such as instruments, safety valves and thermal insulation.
All water bath evaporators are designed and manufactured according to your specs. For example, we have delivered a water bath vaporiser that evaporated up to 50,000 NM3/hour. 

Pressure build-up vaporisers

A pressure build-up vaporiser is required to maintain pressure inside the vessel when liquid is withdrawn. We supply such vaporisers and offer several designs, which we tailor to meet your specs. 

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